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How could one person bleed so much?
The blood drenched bag seeped at a touch.
How could I hide the blood inside my trunk?
That stupid kid was such a punk.
I couldn't make the body look like a suicide.
I had already shot him six times after he died.
The gun I was able to get rid of in the lake.
But the decision about the body I could not make.
Where could I hide it that no one would find?
How could I get the whole thing out of my mind?
I'll burn his flesh but what about the bones?
Why am I still hearing is horrible moans?
What in the world got into me?
What is this monster I have come to be?
There was no motive I just wanted some fun.
He was walking by, and I had a gun.
I'm busted, through and will be on death row.
Why wait till then, I might as well go.
The last thing through my mind was a piece of led.
Now for no reason, two people are dead.