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I Love You
If I said I loved you,
I would mean it.
If you said you loved me;
well, I could only dream it.
Wise men seek God,
Greedy men seek more,
Honost men seek justice,
amd lazy men just snore.
Curropt men seek power,
few men seek good,
Horney men just lust,
and few do as they should.
Crazy men seek nothing,
and dumb men do too,
Me, I must be a fool,
because I only seek you.
I want...
I want a girl to love,
that will love me too.
who's beautiful in everyway,
I'll be damned, I want you!
So bored,
so all alone,
no one to talk to,
no one to hear me moan.
Why cann't I be normal,
I just want to be the same.
But during the duration of my life,
that's not what I became.
Love you
My eyes long to see you;
My ears long to hear you;
My hands long to touch you;
My lips long to kiss you;
and I long to love you.
Beautiful as You
I've never heard a song, as beautiful as you.
I've never seen anyone, as beautiful as you.
I've never touched anything, as beautiful as you.
I never knew there was anything, as beautiful as you.