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What is our sight, really any good for?
We have five senses, but we only need four.
Cann't we use the others and each other trust?
all sight causes is hatred or lust.
We base our judgement on it,
but it doesn't tell us $#!T.
It's only one fifth what we can know,
and you can only see what someone will show.
We sometimes even have a sixth one,
That I guess is there for fun.
That we use to sense things like fear,
That you cann't youch, taste, smell, or hear.
So how important are our eyes,
That can fill our minds with lies.
Although I'd miss it if it were something I couldn't do.
Because then I could not look at you.
I would miss your beautiful smile.
and other facial expressions you do.
And seeing so much beauty in one person,
That I never thought could be true.
I couldn't see your beautiful eyes,
or your glowing hair.
As the sun shines on to it,
and putting a halo in the air.
Although even if I could not see,
I know one thing is true.
With all your beauty that cann't be shown,
I'd still be in love with you.